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Sourceforge provides a number of user support areas to the Chequered Flag project for the benefit of both developers and end-users alike. The list below details the areas available and their purpose in the Chequered Flag project. Please feel free to use any of the locations available for the reason given on the right.

Clicking on any project area title from the list below will link the user to that area. From here, the "Submit New" option will add a new item. Alternatively, the user can browse through items already placed.

Project Area Project Role
Bugs This area allows the end-user to submit information about bugs or errors found anywhere in the Chequered Flag project.
Support Requests It is possible that a user may run into difficulties while using Chequered Flag. If this is so, submitting a request here will allow other individuals, including the developers to provide aid.
Patches If any individual or group outside of the Chequered Flag project team wishes to change the code or documentation elements of the project, they can do so by means of a software patch. This patch shows the difference between the original code and the newly revised addition created by the external party. This section will allow the submission of these patches for review and possible inclusion by the development team
Feature Requests This area allows anybody to submit a project suggestion for review by the developers.

It is also possible to contact members of the Chequered Flag project directly. The following details will allow you to do this. Please only use this option if your communication cannot be properly handled by anything in the section above. Contact details for each developer is available on their profile page.

Name Project Role
Barrie Millar Project administrator, web and program developer
Klaus Six Project administrator, program developer
Rene Smit Program developer
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